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Shafts of Light
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Compiled and Edited by Sister Gargi

This book consists of spiritual teachings and practices based on Vedanta. Equally useful for beginners as well as advanced aspirants, the book does shed shafts of light, dispelling the darkness of ignorance from the reader's heart. For a beginner, the book is a path-breaker; for an advanced aspirant, reassuring and strengthening; and for one already established in the goal, well, it should be a sheer delight. The book will benefit aspirants at any level, since it deals with Self-knowledge and the means to attain it.

Cover Type: PB

Pages: 165

Category: Spiritual Life, Compilation

Language: English

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The power is with the silent ones, who only live and love and then withdraw their personality. They never say me and mine; they are only blessed in being instruments. -Swami Vivekananda


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