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Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya
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Swami Ashokananda

The "Song of the Free", a classic text of Advaita Vedanta expresses the highest experience of the unfettered Self. Sanskrit text, transliteration and English translation. One of the purest statements of the supreme knowledge of Advaita, by a sage who lived over three thousand years ago.

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Pages: 167

Category: Gita, Scriptures

Language: English

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What the world wants is character. The world is in need of those whose life is one burning love--selfless. That love will make every word tell like a thunderbolt. Awake, awake, great souls! The world is burning in misery. Can you sleep? Work unto death--I am with you, and when I am gone, my spirit will work with you. This life comes and goes--wealth, fame, enjoyments are only of a few days. It is better, far better, to die on the field of duty, preaching the truth than to die like a worldly worm. Advance! -Swami Vivekananda


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